Understanding the information / data

Written By Mollie Luckhurst (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 29th, 2020

What does "shortlisted" mean?

Students that use BridgeU are able to “shortlist” universities which adds them to a list of universities they are considering for application.  From this list, students then explore more about the universities to refine the list and later select those to which they will apply.

What does "universities applied to" mean?

Students that use BridgeU are able to mark "apply to" for the universities for which they are intending / actively applying to or those to which they have already applied. 

Why do some schools show 0 seniors?

The number of seniors show the number of student accounts in the graduating year that are provisioned on BridgeU.  If no seniors show, it may be that the school hasn't yet uploaded their students to BridgeU or that they do not yet have a graduating class yet. Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to get further information.   

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