Requesting a visit to a school with no published calendar

Written By Will Spence (Administrator)

Updated at July 29th, 2020

As of March 2020, you can now directly request a visit to a school with no published calendar. Previously, if a school did not have a calendar published, it was a manual process by BridgeU CSMs to try and arrange the visit. Now, you can request directly.

The process is as follows:

1.) Log into BridgeU Connect as normal

2.) Find the schools you would like to request visits for using the different filters available

3.) Click on the 'Visits & Sessions' tab on a particular school, and the below should appear:

4.) Click on any date or time, and fill in the required information as shown below:

5.) Click send, and the relevant counsellor at this school will receive your message. They can then reply, accept or reject your request.

Please note that as you are requesting a visit to a school that has not published their calendar, they may not accept visits requests that have not given sufficient time. You are free to request a visit to any school at any time, but we would suggest 2 weeks minimum to try and get the highest success rate.

BridgeU CSMs are still on hand to facilitate visit requests, and will try to get the visit requested as soon as possible.

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